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Allow directly downloading library


Level 2


I'd like to be able to just download the library directly as sometimes that will help me determine where a variable is being set from, etc.


If I am using Akamai I don't need to setup the other options in the embed tab.


Right now the only workaround is to go to the website that has DTM installed and hunt through the javascript there to find it.



Level 9


In the embed tab there is a deployment option called "Library Download"  which allows you to download a zip of everything.  Also the FTP Delivery option is similar in principle (in that it will export all the files), though it deploys to an FTP location you specify.  Have you looked into that? Is that not what you need?  


Level 2


You have to enter staging and production path to library (which we don't have..I guess I could make up a dummy location). And then you have to copy the URL instead of directly downloading it. And then when I try the URL it always returns file not found. It says I need to publish for it to work in production but doesn't say that for staging.