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3rd party marketing tag management - need for overview


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Many will be using the tag man for 3rd party marketing tags. This is not very flexible today and can easily become crowded when using many tags and conditions.




Make it a 2 step process:


1) Add tag name/category eg Doubleclick that will appear on the same level as Adobe Analytics


In the overview add a tag.

Make it possible to name a tag and then add the custom script


It should be possible to add several indenpendent tags under one cataegory "Doubleclick" eg


"Doubleclick Retarteging" and a custom script

"Doubleclick Order page" and a custom script


2) Go to Rules

In a dropdown it shall be possible to select the newly ceated tag in a dropdown after the GA/Adobe.


eg. select Doubleclick > "Doubleclick Order page" and then make a rule for that



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It seems like you may be referring to the workflow for Adobe's legacy tag Manager product, although you tagged DTM on your post as well so I'm not sure. In any case, DTM is focused around scenario-driven activation. What this means is that we recommend that you define the scenario ("Conditions") under which your rule should fire, and then you can add as many third party marketing tags inside that rule as you want. This keeps the list of rules much less cluttered and makes it easier to find the tag that you want. Want to know what marketing tags are fired on the order page? Go to the "Order page" page load rule and you'll see them all listed there, etc.


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Hi Shawn 


Maybe i havent made my suggesstion clear or we just dont agree. 


The way DTM works with Adobe products and GA is ok but with many 3rd party marketing tools its less than optimal.


Many of our clients has +20 3rd party tools each with up to 10 load conditions and data needs. With the current setup this quickly becomes confusing and very time consuming to work with. Some of the other tools in the market place solves this more smoothly (have been working with the enterprise tag management solutions for 3 yearsnow)


My suggestion solves some of this i think.

An even better solution would be to start having ready made integration with tools like doubleclick, adform etc,


If you need more info you are more than welcome to write or call me. We spent so much time with DTM that we would love some progress in this area.


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I agree with Morten that this is still a huge pain point. We are trying to implement a new tag now that you do not support. The devs are writing custom code and applying it to the rules. This makes it though that a not so technical marketer could not go and support the tool integration ongoing though because the integration is in code instead of a wysiwyg editor like the Omniture and GA tools.