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Community Q&A Coffee Break, August 3rd 9.30 am IST with Adobe Campaign experts Ayush Gupta, Sr Product Manager, Madhupriya Gupta, Product Manager & Bruce Swann, Principal Product Marketing Manager




Join us for the next Adobe Campaign Community Q&A Coffee Break! 

  Thursday, August 3rd from 9.30am - 10.30am IST 

We'll be joined by Adobe Campaign experts: Ayush Gupta (@ayushgupta), Senior Product Manager, Madhupriya Gupta (@Madhupriya), Product Manager and Bruce Swann, (@btswann), Principal Product Marketing Manager. In this AMA (Ask Me Anything)- like event, the experts will be logged in and ready to answer any of your questions related to topics discussed in the Adobe Campaign Standard Customer Webinar on Product Update & Overview of Transition Opportunities scheduled for July 20th, 2023:

  • Updates on the innovation strategy for Adobe Campaign Standard.
  • A preview of the new user experience for Adobe Campaign v8.
  • Migration strategy, tooling & automation, methodology and timing.
  • A preview of Generative AI capabilities coming in Adobe Campaign v8.

Participating is easy:

  • Add your Questions below by Replying to this thread. 
  • Begin your Question with our hosts' Community Usernames: @ayushgupta@Madhupriya and @btswann.
  • Stand-by to watch the page as the experts weigh in during the hour, so that you can:
    • Clarify your questions
    • Ask follow up Qs and provide additional details
    • See Questions posted by other Community members to up-vote those that you find interesting
    • Discuss further with your Campaign Community member peers 

Meet the Experts


Bruce Swann is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Campaign, focused on marketing and product strategy for Adobe Customer Journey Management solutions. He has over 20 years’ experience working with digital marketing disciplines like web analytics, social media, mobile marketing and email marketing, as well as marketing and CRM technologies, including marketing automation, predictive analytics and marketing resource management.



Ayush Gupta is a seasoned Product Manager with vast experience in CRM domain. He has overall 14+ years of experience in technology domain and 8+ years in B2B space. He is part of Adobe Campaign Product Management evangelizing Adobe’s campaign product.





Madhupriya is responsible for product strategy and customer success. She has 10+ years of experience in technology industry and has worked across Product Management, Software Development and Business Development roles in B2B companies. She has extensive experince in building and scaling enterprise products from scratch.




 Something already coming to mind?

Add your related questions below any time before or during the Coffee Break on Thursday, August 3rd, when you can watch the page and be ready to add follow-up questions and discuss further with other community members!




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Hi @ayushgupta@Madhupriya and @btswann
There are many issues that we face during workflow execution and currently we are notified when a workflow completely fails or errors out, there are scenarios where a workflow just never finishes or starts or is stuck on some activity , we never know all this unless we are notified either by the clients and it causes a delay.

is there any way we can set up a monitoring feature in ACS to monitor long running workflows and get notified if a workflow does not complete within an x amount of expected time?


Hi @mmbb110 , In Control Panel we have an option to monitor workflows: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/control-panel/using/performance-monitoring/database-monitori.... We are looking into the requirement of setting alerts at a feature level, so that a user can get notified if a particular item such as workflow or domain certificate etc. is not working.


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@ayushgupta@Madhupriya and @btswann

if I am working on an ACS object like Delivery, workflow and simultaneously if someone else is also editing that same object, there should be something in place to notify us if two users are concurrently working to avoid changes overlap. This causes production issues where sometimes changes do not get saved properly as well.
or is there something already available in ACS that I use to get notified of such a thing?




Hi @mmbb110 ,


There is no such option to get notified if more than one person is working on ACS objects simultaneously. We have another forum where you can ask your questions related to ACS, here's the link: https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-campaign-standard/bd-p/adobe-campaign-standar.... Please use this forum to get answers to your questions for future.




Hi @Madhupriya & @aayushgupta27
Thanks for joining our community today. One question that gets asked a lot by our customers is that when exactly is the end of life for Adobe Campaign Standard. Can you please share some insights around that?

No formal end of life has been set for Adobe Campaign Standard. Post-2023, roadmap investment will start to shift to the future Adobe Campaign release, in our move to create a singular Adobe Campaign version in the market. We highly encourage customers to begin planning their transition to the new version for H1'2024 to take advantage of future roadmap investments. 


So, what will be the migration plan like for organizations which are using both Adobe Campaign Standard and Adobe Campaign Classic (version 7.0 or earlier)? Do they need to upgrade all their instances to this new version of Adobe Campaign or just Campaign Standard? 

We recommend bringing every instance to the same product and version, the latest Adobe Campaign release. If any organization has Adobe Campaign Classic today, version 7.0 or earlier or Adobe Campaign Standard, we encourage them to upgrade to Adobe Campaign v8 . However, there might be nuances, such as how the instances are used. Reach out to the Adobe account team for more detailed conversation on the upgrade process and transition path forward.


Awesome! Thanks for clarifying that for everyone.
Another thing that our customers wonder is about the technical workflows - 
Do customers need to stop all workflows or will Adobe do that for them?  Will they restart automatically or does the customer need to manually restart?  

Can you share insights around that as well?

Here's is what will happen to workflows. Since we are running the migration in an automated fashion, thankfully users will not have to recreate them and all workflows will be replicated from ACS to ACC. However, 

  • Time critical workflows may be stopped. e.g. An email that was to be triggered at 6pm falls within the downtime and will go after the systems are back up at say 4am. 
  • All workflows will be in Paused state and the users will have to validate and re-run the workflows from their previous state.
  • Technical workflows need not be stopped and will continue when systems are back up. 





Thanks @Madhupriya & @ayushgupta for taking out the time today to answer our queries. This was supremely helpful! 

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