What is the best way to track a personalization (website)



Hi All

in order to analyze the result of our personalization campaign using Adobe analytics, we decided to use an Adobe eVar.

We store in this eVar the name of the Target campaign the user sees and we fire this information together with the Adobe page view tracking pixel.

In this way, we can create segments in Analytics and make all the analysis the analytics team can do.

We implemented this workaround because there was no relation between the amount of visitor seen in analytics and the amount of visitor seen in target reports.

The problem with this workaround is that sometimes the firing of the tracking pixel, is fired before the personalization took place, and for this reason, the eVar is not populated correctly.

What is the best solution to analyze the performance of a personalization campaign?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there Riccardo, thanks for your question! Based on the context you've shared, the best solution you can use to analyze the performance of a personalization campaign would be Analytics for Target (A4T). Check out the A4T FAQ to learn more!

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