Target cannot retrieve mbox parameter value that I am passing to qualify for Audience



I want users to be able to experience an activity on the follow conditions:

- If this is not their first session on the site

- If they have items in their cart


To check if they have items in their cart, I've wrote a trackEvent code that will fire once the quantity element is present on the page. 

function paramQuantityLoop(){
        var bagQuantityLooper = setInterval(function(){
             if(document.querySelector('.total-quantity') && document.querySelector('.total-quantity').innerText != ""){
                           "mbox": "customTestMbox",
                           "params": {
                                 "itemsInBag": parseInt(document.querySelector('.total-quantity').innerText),
                            } });


The parameter is successfully passed when i use the debugger tool in the console:




In my audience configuration, the mbox parameter is available to use as a condition to qualify for the audience.



However, I haven't been able to successfully qualify for my audience yet. At one point I event wrote a simple profile script in an attempt to retrieve the mbox parameter.


However, a quick glance at the response tokens reveals that even my profile script is having issues retrieving the mbox parameter.



I've been stuck on this for the past day. I've validated that the isFirstSession profile script is functioning properly, so currently the biggest obstacle is trying to properly pass the itemsInBag parameter. Any ideas or advice?

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