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sandeepk7656774 21-05-2018

Hi All,

We have a scenario, where we want to show experience only once to user, until and unless user cleared all cookies etc. One way to handle this is manually through code, by storing a flag in localStorage or something like that and then suppressing experience (By writing custom code).

Is there a way to configure this using OOTB configurations?



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Accepted Solutions (1)


sandeepk76567746​ Have your tried using the advanced settings option in the the goals and settings to achieve your use case?

Goals and Settings

There are three options for what happens after a visitor reaches the goal metric:
  • Select Increment Count & Keep User in Activity to specify how the count is incremented.
  • Select Increment Count, Release User & Allow Reentry to specify the experience the user sees if they reenter the activity.
  • Select Increment Count, Release User & Bar from Reentry to specify what the user sees instead of the activity content.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

sandeepk7656774 22-05-2018

Thanks @snaomi0705. This is working fine when we are associating condition with goal metric (Once goal metric is achieved for that user, user not shown that activity at all again).I think for just view of experience without attaching goal metric there is no OOTB way to show experience once per user. There is an option to add metric as "Viewed an mbox" but our activity is associated with Global Mbox (Can't use that as there are many activities associated with global mbox, if it was a custom mbox, we could have used viewed an mbox metric to drive this). I couldn't see similar option at activity level (if user viewed activity, don't show again)