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Retrieve analytics payload from Adobe Target


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I am trying to send data to Adobe Analytics using the Analytics for Target (A4T) integration described here, and more specifically, using the Data Insertion API. However, the documentation does not specify where to find the following values:

  • rsid: The report suite ID
  • mid: Marketing Cloud Visitor ID
  • Analytics data collection server.

Can anyone please help me get them?

Thanks in advance.


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@PedroFi  - for rsid, please connect with your Adobe Analytics team as they would be better placed to answer which ReportSuite you should be using for your implementation.


For accessing Marketing Cloud ID or (ECID) on the client side, please use instructions on this page below:







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Thanks, @Rajneesh_Gautam_ 

Actually, I need to access the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID on the server side. Can you please provide me with some guidance?

Additionally, how can I know what my Analytics data collection server is?


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Hey @PedroFi 


If you are looking for report suite id, you can check the network panel in your developer tools on the website. Filter for 'b/ss'. That should give you an analytics call. The data collection server would be the domain for this network call. And the report suite id would also be visible in that call just next to the 'b/ss' part of the request url.


Hope the above helps.





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Thank you @Rajneesh_Gautam_ and @abhinavbalooni for your support.

I am now getting the "rsid" from the Adobe Analytics' Report Suite Manager page and the Analytics data collection server from the dev console as you can see in the attached image.


  1. Could you please confirm if the way I'm getting these values is correct?
  2. I still need to get the "mid" from the server side (not the client side). If I understand correctly, that ID is the unique identifier of the page visitor. If so, can I use for the "mid" value the "tntId" auto-generated by Adobe Target's Delivery API?
  3. The Analytics for Target documentation states that a GET request has to be done using the following format, however, it does not explain which value should be used to replace "CODEVERSION". Can you help me with that, too?