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Lag in loading Experience Targeted page


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Would love help on this issue- 


I have created an Experience Target activity that replacing a banner image with a different banner image based off the location the viewer is coming from. The issue I'm running into is that the old image appears right away, and then 2-3 seconds later it switches to the new image. Is there any way to avoid this lag?!

FWIW, there is a lag if the replaced image is a static image or a motion graphic. also have cleared my cache since.


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My first guess would be that the request to Target is being made too late in the page load process, and therefore parts (or all) of the page content have already been rendered. How is Target implemented? i.e. is it loaded via tag manager or via at.js script in html? if it's tag manager, is the tag manager loaded synchronously or asynchronously? is the tag manager/at.js script loaded in the <head> of the page or <body>?