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While I understand that Target premium has the recommendation option based on customer behavioural data and through custom feed, I'm interested to know if there are any valid implementation of Adobe Target along side a recommendation engine like Pega Customer decision Hub. Since we have Pega for a while now and is used as NBA engine for giving best proposition for known customer across the customer touchpoints, would like to understand how it can be integrated with Target to get best of both worlds. Any sample implementation apporach that brings these two together and a view on how these systems will interact for real time recommendation will help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Thank you @abu_shafi for suggesting a solution here! I've copy and pasted your Comment here as an Answer for visibility:


"Target works on single priority levels and you can not change the priority on runtime

as you mention you already have Pega and NBA you should use that for refining audience segmentation

Other way to look into is adobe campaign where campaign priority can be chained and changes on runtime 

Adobe Campaign has its limitation as this is not intend for realtime and it runs as batch and its for outbound not for inbound

But we run a POC with Adobe to prove that this can be done and performance can be achieved




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