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How to recommend the same product that has been added to cart using target recommendation?


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we have created a recommendation activity in the Homepage. We would like to display the products added to the cart on the recommendations in home page.

Following are the steps we have tried to create this activity.

Step 1 -  All set ups that are necessary for creating a recommendation activity has been completed (i.e feed, design).

Step 2 -  Once the product has been added to cart, mbox parameter with the product id (i.e entity.id) has been passed.

Step 3 -  We created a profile script to capture this product id.

Step 4 -  While creating criteria. this profile script was given as recommendation key

               According to the adobe target recommendation documentation

"You can base recommendations on the value of a custom profile attribute. For example, suppose that you want to display recommended movies based on the movie that a visitor most recently added to his or her queue."

So according to this we can recommend products based on the product which is added to cart or is there any way to recommend the product that is added to cart whose id is stored in the profile script?

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