How to create Target Audience in AEM




I have Target account. I have IMS integration configured in AEM 6.5. I also, in AEM, created Legacy Cloud Configuration for Target (based on IMS). And SP6.5.3 installed. The problem that I want to ask about is that in AEM ->Personalization->Audiences (audience console) when I press button "Create" I can see only one item in select: "Create ContextHub Segment". As documentation states - there should be also another option: "Create Target Audience" - which creates audience for Adobe Target. How to make this option visible? Why can't I see it ? Documentation tells: "You need write permissions under /etc/segmentation to be able to create audiences. The group content-authors has write permissions by default." - I could not find this group in AEM 6.5 in Security->Groups.

I synchronize my activities from AEM to Target using "Administrator" user. I added this user to the following list of groups and it didn't give any effect:

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