How to batch-upload Audience data for targeting



Happy New Year everyone.

We are trying to integrate our Audience Data for 14 markets covering 1,4 billion devices

Where do we find the FTP credentials?

What identifiers can we upload and in what format?

If you have tried to batch-upload audience data I would love to hear from you 😉

Have a magic day!

/Søren H Dinesen


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Digiseg, thanks for your question! Feel free to check out this resource on Profiles and Audiences in Target. You can upload data via FTP after you create a customer attribute source and an FTP account in the Marketing Cloud. You can create one FTP account per attribute source. The uploaded files are stored in the root folder of that account. The data must be in .csv format with a second .fin file to indicate the upload is complete. You may also find this FAQ on Customer Attributes for Analytics and Target to be helpful. You'll need your Adobe username and password, an API client ID, and secret key. Your account manager can provide you with this information. Hope this is helpful!



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Hi Digiseg,

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