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Hi there,

I'm using Adobe Target to launch a popup on a webpage for one day only to notify them of website congestion/maintenance.

I want the popup to display only once to all audiences (so it's not annoying/spammy).

I'm looking at defining this through creating a custom audience, but can't find any out of the box parameters. Could you walk me through the setup?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



The answer depends on your setup with Adobe Target. If you are not using A4T, you could go into the Advanced settings in the success metric and choose the option that increments the count and then bars from re-entry. In order for it to work properly you would have to convert right away, like on user seeing **any mbox**.

Goals and Settings

Or or if you have full control over the mbox call (ability to add mbox params to it) then you could add a unique mbox param such as isPopup=true and then create an profile script which looks for that param and then sets a user variable, ie user.hasSeenPopUp.

Profile attributes

The same idea could work if the popup had a had a unique mbox name.

You would then create an audience where user.hasSeenPopup does not exist or does not contain true and place that audience on the activity.

There are likely some other ways as well. Those are just the first two that came to mind.