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Demandbase and Adobe Target integration


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Hi Community members,

I would like to know what would be the right way to integrate Demandbase with Adobe Target. I have checked below demandbase document for the integration but it seems very old. Could anyone help me understand if there is a way to implement this.
I would also like to know if we can done the same integration with the help of Adobe data providers.
Set Up the Adobe Target Standard UI Integration – Help Center (demandbase.com)

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Hi @VijaySi ,


You can use DB extension for Demandbase integration through Adobe Launch for capturing DB values in Adobe analytics variables. 

Refer below document for implementation:



Use the Demandbase Account Connector to set up the Adobe Target integration. For instructions, see Set Up Demandbase to Send Data to an Integration: Account Connector.

Continue setting up the integration in Adobe Target. For instructions, see Adobe Target Standard UI Integration.
If you have issues setting up the integration, contact your Adobe Target CSM.




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Hi @VijaySi 

The guide is indeed old, but concept is still the same. The integrations works by passing data points from Demandbase to profile parameters in Target. 

It seems that in the old guide Demandbase have created a script that passes the data points into profile parameters for you. They name it the Polling script (but link to it doesn't work). However, you don't need this for the integration to work, they've just created it to make the mapping to profile parameters easier for you.

As @prads pointed out you can use most of the guide for the integration with Adobe Analytics - from step 5 https://support.demandbase.com/hc/en-us/articles/8168854269851-Set-Up-the-Demandbase-Adobe-Analytics... instead of mapping to eVars you should use the Adobe Target Extension and map the Data Elements to profile parameters. That should do the trick for you. 

Hope this helps!