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I have enabled some configurations in Launch and Adobe Target to capture the category affinity of users but it's not working for me. I created a rule in Launch and configured category affinity as mbox param using "user.categoryId". It's further mapped to a data element capturing the page's product category type.




And, In Target I created a profile script as below screenshot and mapped it for audience creation




 I tried to put mbox trace but I don't know why for my visits I am unable to see affinity for my product category, I am seeing below thing in value [luxury] I don't know from where it's coming up



what is that? Am I missing something setting up CA?




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I would check the following:

The data element you're using %Multiple_Product_Categories that you're mapping to user.categoryId. Does that possibly have multiple values (it's called Multiple..) and is it possible that luxury is one of those values? 


Also, when using the mbox debugger, you will see your category affinity by default, so you don't need to create a profile to see it. In this case you've named it user.Category_Aff. I would verify what is in the default debug by going to a page with a %Multiple_Product_categories data element. View the mbox call on that page and see what value is being passed. Then visit that page a few times to make sure it appears in your category affinity. 


Usually the issue with incorrect values appearing for cat affinity happens in the mapping of the data layer attribute.


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@jmosbaug Yes, I have product pages that are tagged with multi-product categories that's why I have a generically coded data element if there is a single product category or Multi-product category available on the page then get that into to data element


Regarding the Category Affinity value [luxury] : I have nothing like that on my product pages. Dont know from where this getting caught

This data element[%Multiple_Product_categories] mapping to mbox param [user.categoryId] in the Adobe Launch rule is at staging environment. As you said I don't need a profile so I removed the profile script and just have my launch rule working right now and audience in Target




But what I noticed is after removing the profile script and associated audience (screenshots 2 and 3rd shared in the main Question) the user.Category_Aff mbox param is no more coming at all. I was expecting some default category param in trace that's why wondering what are you pointing to as the default Category Affinity param in mbox trace will come up automatically?



Regarding the issue with data element mapped: I agree on it some where because the page title that I am passing as mbox param is working through below data element


However, when I was trying to pass the page title using the javascript variable as per below screenshot then it was not coming up for me. Never know why but that was my experience as well




And now that data element "Multiple Product Category" is correct but is built using custom js code like that : 





Is that the issue that Target is unable to read my "user.CategoryId" for my favorite category? How can then I pass my product category into to data element for Target to read?


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Hi @jmosbaug Do you have any suggestions on my response? Thanks