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Capturing re-direct A/B test Target Activity/Experience names in third-party analytics


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We have a third party user behaviour analytics solution which captures Target Activity and Experience names as page attribute, so that we can filter sessions that have specific experience on, and closely analyse user behaviour, etc. We have an issue with a re-direct A/B test, in which the 'experience B' is served in an alternative URL. On the page load of that 'b page', the name of the Target Activity/Experience is not available like other in-page alteration Target Activity. (i.e. the activity name is not showing up in Adobe Experience Debugger). This means the third party solution cannot capture that Target Activity/Experience names as a part of the page session. 


Is there any solution that can be employed in order to address this? 

e.g. the redirect URL for that 'experience b' includes s_tnt parameter which includes the Target Activity ID. As much as we prefer Target Activity Name, this can be used to filter out sessions. Is there any parameter that pass on experience ID/name? Is there any hidden on-page value or data layer content that can help us capture Target Activity Name/ Experience Name?


Thanks for your help/suggestions!



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