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Auto Allocate - returning visitors question


Level 3

Hi all, 


I need some help clarifying a statement on this document: page: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/target/using/activities/auto-allocate/automated-traffic-allo... 


Statement:  Are returning visitors automatically reallocated to high-performing experiences?

No. Only new visitors are automatically allocated. Returning visitors continue to see their original experience to protect the validity of the A/B test.


Am I interpreting this correctly that a 'returning visitor' who has seen Experience A will continue to see Experience A even if the winning variation is Experience B.  OR is it that a 'returning visitor' who has seen the page before (not necessarily via this AB) will continue to see Experience A.


Asking because we are troubleshooting a problem with an AA - AB activity where majority of visitors are seeing Experience A (thousands) and only 20 people have seen experience B (but experience B is the winner). 


We have an XT that we setup a while ago targeting our homepage - using category affinities we determine a 'favourite' category and redirect a user to the category homepage experience.


Recently we setup the AA-AB test where we are testing a new design of the category homepage experience against the current default one the XT is redirecting to.  The AA-AB is targeting the current homepage experience URL and splitting the traffic to the new design vs. current category homepage experience. 


The XT reporting looks fine - we can see people qualifying for the activity and being redirect. 

But the AB is not splitting the traffic evenly from the start and now (even though the winner is the new design) it's sending majority of traffic to the old design.  


We thought this might be due to the AA returning visitor rule. Where people are seeing the current homepage experience as they are all returning visitors who have seen the current category homepage experience before. 


We just want to see the traffic split evenly and then the AA to take over correctly. 


Please help!





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Employee Advisor

Hi @Mycal_Tamariki ,


If a user lands on a website and sees experience A, will continue to see experience A even tho experience B is the winner. This is to maintain the validity of the A/B test.

Could you please provide more details on the traffic split method? whether it is manual, auto-target or auto allocate.


Level 3

Hi there, 


Yes we are using Auto-Allocate (AA) as abbreviated above.  When we set the test live a significant portion of traffic went to experience A (the control) and a very small number went to experience B (redirect to a new version of the page).  We thought this could have been because 'returning visitors' have already seen the control before and therefore under the rules of AA above are being placed automatically into the default version of the page