at.js flickering?

mortenb84851136 22-03-2016


I'm trying to implement the new at.js on my test environment, but it seems to be flickering in my experiments?

This isn't what I was hoping for, so how can I solve this issue?




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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Morten,

How do I know the mboxCurrent error is associated with the legacy integration?  If you look in your mbox response you will see the integration response plugin code--note the use of mboxCurrent:

<script type=\"text/javascript\">\r\n/*T&T to SiteCat v4 ==>Response Plugin*/\r\nwindow.s_tnt=window.s_tnt||'', tntVal='125507:1:0,';\r\nif (window.s_tnt.indexOf(tntVal)==-1){window.s_tnt+=tntVal}\r\nif (mboxCurrent.getFetcher().getType()=='ajax'&&(window.s &&\r\{'TnT', 'o', 'TnT');}\r\n</script>

mboxCurrent is not an object that exists in at.js, which is one of the reasons we have documented at.js as incompatible with the legacy integration.  The newer A4T integration is compatible and customers should upgrade.

If your company is no longer using the legacy integration in any way, you should deactivate this response plugin in Target Classic.  If you are not sure how to do so, you can add this to your client care ticket.

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Answers (5)

mortenb84851136 05-04-2016

Hi Dwright

How can you see that this error is associated with T&T-SC integration? The SiteCatalyst integration is deactivated in the backend.

I have created a ticket in client care, and they are working on a solution. I hope.

Regards Morten


Hi Morten,

Is your test rearranging the elements in your top navigation?  I do see some flicker if i stare at that portion of the page.

A few side notes:

  1. You are using the legacy T&T-SC integration which is not supported with at.js.  You will see an error in your browser console "mboxCurrent is not defined" which is related to that.  Do you have a plan to decommission that integration when you migrate to at.js?
  2. To correct one of Shekar's notes, redirect tests created in the VEC are now supported with at.js v0.6.4 which is the version you are using.  We have updated the Help documentation to reflect this.

Hi Morten,

I wasn't able to see flickering when loading your page. Though I'm not sure exactly what to look for. Are you using the target-global-mbox to serve the test content? Or are you using a custom mbox location?


Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out to Adobe Community.

Please keep a note of the below things before implementing at.js:

When implementing at.js, be aware of the following:

  • Visual Experience Composer redirects do not work.
  • Internet Explorer versions earlier than 8 are not supported.
  • Asynchronous implementation means legacy integrations like the Test&Target to SiteCatalyst plugin may not work.
  • Target plugins that reference mbox.js objects and methods are not supported.