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Adobe Target Order Confirmation using WebSDK and influence Recommendations for "Bought this, bought that"


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I’m trying to track conversions on a website using WebSDK, so that we can feed purchase behavior into the recommendation algorithms for “..bought this, bought that”, etc. I was reviewing the implementation guide here https://docs.mktossl.com/docs/target-dev/developer/recommendations.html?lang=en, specifically the Track conversion page here https://docs.mktossl.com/docs/target-dev/developer/client-side/at-js-implementation/deploy-at-js/imp..., but the code referenced is for at.js and not WebSDK.
I also checked this page WebSDK comparision to at.js - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-platform/edge/personalization/adobe-target/web-sd..., but it’s not clear in this documentation how this would function in the context of order confirmation? E.g.



alloy("sendEvent", {
    data: {
        __adobe: {
            target: {
                 orderTotal: 123.45,
                 orderId: "ABC6789",
                 productPurchasedId: "123,234,SLKF-123",
     decisionScopes: ["orderConfirmation"]



  1. Can I assume that if I have the above code fire on the order confirmation page, and send the above WebSDK send event with the three values (orderTotal, orderId, productPruchasedId) and include a decisionScope, is that enough for the recommendation algorithm for “bought this, bought that”, etc., to learn from?
  2. Do I need to configure any additional activities within Adobe Target for Target to take this information and apply it? i.e. create an activity. Note: I’m not asking about setting up a goal for an activity, I’m just inquiring about how to send transactional events to Adobe Target to inform the “bought” algorithms.



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Yes, you're correct that those purchase parameters are sufficient; in case you haven't already seen it, this document gives a good overview of how you should send those 3 values as part of the XDM object. There are certain Target parameters, particularly relating to Recommendations, that do need to be sent via the data.__adobe.target object but this isn't necessary for standard purchase parameters