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We have  a profile script that is using a random number to assign users to different experiences. The random number once assigned is persistent. 



Experience A - Targeting =  random number less than 10

Experience B - Targeting = random number greater than 10


When I check segment comparison in Analytics using A4T variable (Target Activity > Experience) I can see some slight visitor overlap (less than 1%) between the two experiences. How is it possible for a single visitor (ecid)  to go into both experience when the definitions are mutually exclusive? 


Can anyone think of a scenario where this could happen? I am wondering if it's something to do with clearing cookies ? And specifying Target cookies vs. Analytics?




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Hi Nicholas, is this random number generated just once or every time a visitor visits? If its latter AND if your activity is an XT then a single visitor may see both experiences depending upon the value of random number generated. Would be interested to get more details