Generating Debugger Token using Adobe I/O



Hi all, in order to generate mboxTrace we need to either rely of generating Debugger token manually or use Chrome Extension. The API used is:

Currently Adobe  don't expose the API that generates Debugger token as part of their Adobe I/O set of APIs - would be great if this API is addd to Adobe I/O as well.

Here are 3 scenarios where generating this token using an API will be beneficial:

1. In our organisation, Chrome is not a recommended browser and we cannot add any extensions because of security reasons.

2. Current mboxTrace doesn't give you segment names so we are looking to make 2 calls - one to get IDs and second to get their names - this will make troubleshooting much easier

3. We are creating our own version of Debugger which covers some other tools that are used by our marketing team - think of it as a s Super-Debugger.



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Noticed today that Debugger Token can be generated through Adobe IO now.

Thanks for implementing the idea Adobe IO team