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Limit Access to Administration Settings in Adobe Target


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Description - Create a new Product Role in Adobe Target that gives a user all the capabilities of an Approver with the ability to access and edit Administration settings, while then also removing an Approver's ability to access and edit Administration settings since they impact all Workspaces, not just the ones where the user has Approver access.


Why is this feature important to you - We've have several instances where someone (there are no logs even available for us to pinpoint the user) changed an Administration setting without alerting anyone that then had a negative impact on all Workspaces. This has left us scrambling on a few occasions to pinpoint the issue - with no control on limiting access to these settings to our true Adobe Target admins.


How would you like the feature to work - As stated above, remove an Approver's ability to access/edit Administration settings and create a new Product Role (perhaps just naming in "Administrator"), who has all the abilities of an Approver - plus the ability to access/edit Administration settings.


Current Behavior - Anyone with the Approver Product Role - regardless of the Workspace - is able to access/edit Administration settings with no avilable logs to view their activity (i.e., if they change a setting in the Administration settings).




Thank you for sharing the idea and being specific about what permissions would be useful for each user. It is also helpful to hear the effect this has had on your organization. Many others have liked this post, so we appreciate you sharing your ideas and being a voice for our customers. 

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@azanaglio, many thanks for sharing this idea; I completely agree with you. For larger corporations, it is crucial to have the ability to grant users restricted rights to prevent the possibility of inadvertently 'destroying' settings that others have established.

In my view, it would be beneficial if we could extend the restriction of access rights beyond just the Admin functionalities. This should also apply to areas such as 'Audiences' or, at the very least, the 'Profile Scripts' section. This restriction would be super valuable since profile scripts might impact all properties if not appropriately limited.