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Filter activity list using audience name


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Description - 

Recently I was trying to find all the live activities wherever desktop audience has been used. since there is no filter to get a list of activities where the desktop audience has been used it was really tough work as around more than 50+ activities are live. and without a proper tracker maintained manually, it is a headache to find out what I am looking for.

Why is this feature important to you -

If we get this feature it will make a big impact on saving time in just finding an activity out of many. Also in some urgent cases, we have to deactivate an activity asap wherever the particular audience has been used (For example, deactivate all activities running on PDP for the desktop audience) and we can't keep checking each and every activity manually which is quite a headache. currently, we can get the activity by looking into the debugger on a page but again if we have done server-side implementation we can't see the response inside the debugger or it's not that easy for a non-techie person.

How would you like the feature to work -

We would like to get an additional option in the filter "filter by audience name" so that we can at least search for basic audiences like desktop, mobile, geo city, etc.

Current Behaviour - Currently there is no such filter.



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If you click on the i icon next to the Audience Name and switch to the Audience Usage tab in the appeared popup, you will see the activities with this audience.





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I still think this is a valid request even though you can get to it via Audiences. IMO, there is a definite need for enhanced UI in the main activity UI..better filter/search options, better control of columns displayed, etc. I've shared several of these suggestions with product team....fingers crossed.