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Audiences within Audiences in a Single Test


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It would be great to be able to have multiple audiences for multiple audiences in a single test.  For example, you have 5 partners and each has 5 discounts.  I can run the 5 partners in one test and vary the creative to match each partner, but I can't alter the discount in Target by using an audience.  Doing so is another level of audience branching that is not currently possible, so I have to run them as 25 experiences across two pages in one test when I really only want one experience across 5 partners who have 5 different discounts.  I'm not testing the partners or discounts.  I'm testing the treatment across them.



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My take would be to have a separate activity for each partner and within each activity configure individual experiences for your discount levels.
Partner1 Activity:
- ExpA Discount  5%
- ExpB Discount 10%
- ExpC Discount 15%
- ExpD Discount 20%
- ExpE Discount 25%

I would then copy the activity 5 times and change the audience to make it match for whatever partner I'm setting it up for. So I work end up with 5 total activities each with 5 experiences targeting different discount levels for each partner.

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we have 5 brands and we use a single instance of analytics, Target and Audience manager

we solve this issue as follows

1. passing brand as parameters part of the mbox call

2. setup only 5 segments (regardless if the Brand)

3. setup only 5 campaigns in target and use audience refinements to serve different content based on brand


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