Allow CSS selectors to match multiple elements



We want to create a generic (and easy to use) setup to do AB testing on the homepage of our news websites, but are blocked by the limitation of Adobe Target that CSS selectors can only map to single locations on a page. This makes sense voor most websites, but is a frustrating limitation for us.


In short, this is our context:

  • Our homepages consist of tiles, which are identical in terms of html
  • A tile of a certain article can potentially appear multiple times on the homepage, on different locations
  • If we want to do an AB test on the tile of an article, we of course want to be consistent and make the change on every tile for that article
  • Additionally, when we launch a test for a certain article tile on the homepage:
    • The position of the article can change soon, because newer news is always put on top  so our selectors need to be flexible
    • It is possible that the tile will appear in an extra module (eg most popular articles) on the homepage  if that happens, we want that new tile to also be consistent with the AB test


Our goal is to make it possible for news editors to launch such AB test. In the current situation we have to write custom code that does this which make it harder + we lose the benefit from the WYSIWYG editor.


So please, could you make it possible to select multiple elements on a page to make changes to? We would be very grateful.

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Status changed to: Accepted