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Allow AEM fragments to update in Target while live on a Target activity


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Description - If an AEM fragment is being used on a live Target activity, allow updates made in AEM to be updated/exported to Target without pausing the Target activity. Right now you have to pause the activity, then re-export the fragment to Target, then re-activate the activity.


Why is this feature important to you - Very inefficient to pause and reactivate the Target activity every time a minor change is made to an AEM fragment being used on that activity. Makes it difficult to keep content updated when using AEM fragments on Target activities. Interrupts the visitor experience when activities are paused, especially those that include nearly full-page AEM fragments, because visitors see a nearly blank webpage while activity is paused. 


How would you like the feature to work - When updating an AEM fragment, allow us to update/export the fragment in Adobe Target while it's live on a Target activity. No pausing of activity required. Fragment updates on live activity with no additional steps required.


Current Behaviour - Error message shown when attempting to update an AEM fragment in Target if the fragment is live on a Target activity. Target activity must be paused while fragment is updated to Target. Logistically, some activities cannot be paused. In that case our team must remove the fragment from the activity, sync the activity, make updates in AEM, update fragment to Target, place fragment back on Target activity, and re-sync activity. 

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