Adobe Target: Minify offer code




I would like an option to have Adobe minify the offer code before it is served.  For example:

minify code mock up.png


The code with in our offers is not minified and contains a lot of comments.  This is so other users of Target can understand what the offer code is doing.

However, it feels undesirable to serve this to real users:

  • It feels unprofessional to serve production code unminified with lots of comments in it
  • there would likely be a small performance gain through minification

Currently I can't see a neat way round this. Either we:

  • minify the code placed in the offer, making it unreadable
  • leave it unminified and have this serve to production
  • have duplicate minified/unminified offers stored in the tool
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I like the idea. If you wanted to solve on your own, you could stand up a repo and push the offers via API.

Target API v1.0

Not ideal for other folks benefitting from the comments in the Target interface, though.