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Add Insert Before / Insert After Functionality to Visual Experience Composer


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When using Visual Experience Composer it would be be incredibly helpful to add an "Insert Before" or "Insert After" function when a specific container is selected.

Currently when a container is selected and you choose to edit the HTML, any changes that are made are made within the container that is selected, which can cause some ordering or styling issues if you want to add an additional element before or after the container that is selected.

The work around for this is at present to "Expand Selection" and edit the HTML of the parent container, however this often involves updating the HTML for the main body container. If you edit the code for the main body container this will lock it's content, so any subsequent changes made outside of Target (i.e. through the CMS) won't show correctly which can create problems. Adding an "Insert Before" or "Insert After" option would allow us to quickly insert new elements into the page above or below current items without having to lock the code of the entire body.

I am happy to expand on this if the above does not make sense.





Another workaround for now is to chose a sibling element (before or after) to meet the need. Yes, choosing the parent using Expand Selection and then chosing edit HTML will involve changing that container.


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I just wanted to follow up on your request from February. Does the Insert Before option added in the September 2018 release meet your requirement? Insert After has been around for a long time. Or is it something different you were after?

Release notes for previous releases




Hi @tobyc49922805, thanks for submitting this Idea! After review by the Target PM team, we are marking your Idea as Delivered.


There are currently two options in the Editor. Here is a screenshot: 

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 1.13.54 PM.png

Please let us know if you have any questions, and keep up the good work leveraging and contributing to the Target Community!




Status changed to: Delivered