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A4TReport - visitor count to persist till end of activity resolves data discrepancy


Level 2


Description - We have faced multiple times issue of data discrepancy because visitor count mismatch. So if visitor X enters activity on Sep 20, 2022 and perform any of goals on Sep 21, 2022 and you are checking report from Sep 21, 2022 you won't see that visitor count in report as user was qualified before but goals count will be there. This creates huge problem explaining to Client/BU. as report will look like:

Visitor Conversion
0 1

Why is this feature important to you - it will help a lot to resolve issue of data mismatch

How would you like the feature to work - it should be like Adobe Analytics product. So, whenever I pull report User X count should be there if its goals count is there. If visitor have qualified anytime for activity that should reflect in report not like now which considers first time entry only.

Current Behaviour - as it is given in description above.

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