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A4T Reporting for Auto Personalization


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Requesting A4T Reporting for Auto Personalization

WHY:  Target reporting functionality driving additional work (compared to A4T reporting). Toggling between Metrics (Target only reports one KPI at a time). Exportable report format does not include Confidence levels.  Copy/Paste of report table yields multiple values in one field and requires scubbing. Manually updating reporting end date (want Today-1day, like Analytics).  Cannot compare to multiple Activities within one report view. Target reporting is rare skill-set within cross functional team and organization, where as Analytics is commonly used.  


Currently, we provide test reads to our cross functional partners by populating KPI's and their confidence levels into an Excel table.  This data is pivoted and shared to a cross functional team in a comprehensive format.




Great point! Considering AP is Target's most-sophisticated allocation method for Personalization it would be great to have its reporting standardized along with the other capabilities. Thanks for voicing this idea!




Thanks for submitting this Idea @cmilligan ! Our product team is looking into your suggestion and will be updating you here shortly! 

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Great call out! AP got so much potentials. But its very hard to validate the success just by relying on AP's default reporting system. We didn few PoC and tried work around to get the insights into Adobe Analytics. However, as end user would be more confident if there is A4T functionality in AP.