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Ways to track Scroll Depth Tracking on Adobe Target?


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Is there a built in feature in Adobe Target to measure the percentage or the depth of the page that visitors have scrolled through in your AB test? If not, what are some alternatives that you can suggest using? I am open to any implementation that includes Adobe Analytics or JavaScript or any other tool on the Experience Cloud. Thanks!

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I'm not familiar with this out of the box. However perhaps there is a creative way to do this by using custom code. Let's say you passed in a custom mbox parameter on each page like level1 level2 level3 etc you could then create audiences based on that and report on those audiences. Just a thought. Hope it helps.

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Hi christophert87757717​ Adding to what Mihnea suggested , you fire an mbox as they scroll a certain amount down the page and use that as a metric . You could also leverage A4T in your target activity as analytics has those metrics.

Ref: getPercentPageViewed

There are also some forum posts in the analytics community discussing this

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Hope this helps.