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Target - Audience targeting beyond the session


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I want to show a specific banner to anyone who visits our site with the following URL query parameter  url.com?utm=golf


The issue I am facing is that I want to target them continuously with the same banner, unless they arrive again with a different UTM parameter. I believe if I build an audience based on Target> Audience> Entry page > parameter  it is only going to last for one hit. Are profile scripts the best way to persist multiple sessions until the next UTM parameter?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @nicholase927171 

You can create Audience as Audience > Site Pages > Current page / previous page / landing page > URL > contains > utm= golf.

You can get nore information here: https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/target/using/audiences/create-audiences/categories-audiences/...

Or else you can use page delivery option too.


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Thanks for the reply. Does that method not just factor in the UTM parameter of the current hit? I want to persist across multiple sessions until the UTM parameter changes....


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If you want it persist, you would need to do that at the profile script level.



Write a profile script to grab the utm and store it into user.utm. Then build the audience off of that profile script.