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If you missed the last Adobe Target Skill Builder Webinar, Developer Chat: Migrate Adobe Target's mbox.js to AT.js, fear not!


Check out the recording here: Developer Chat: Migrate Adobe Target's mbox.js to AT.js, and feel free to post any of your AT.js-related follow-up questions in the thread below so that we can make sure you get your answers ๐Ÿ™‚ 


Join David Son, Adobe Target Product Manager, as he lays out the benefits of migrating mbox.js to AT.js. Hear the latest AT.js updates, learn about its enhanced capabilities and how they align with larger trends in the tech landscape, as well as some practical tips to ensure that you extract as much value from Adobe Target when you migrate from mbox.js to AT.js. As always, we'll carve out time for Q&A, so come with your questions, and take the opportunity to have them answered. Adobe Target Developers wonโ€™t want to miss it! 


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David Son is a product manager for Adobe Target, where he leads product strategy for mobile, APIs, and SDKs. He holds a B.A in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley and is based in San Francisco.




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With at.js the lifetime of at.js 2, mbox cookie lifetime is now 2 years. The help doc https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/core-services/interface/ec-cookies/cookies-target.html tells that cookie duration is not configurable.
Also there is no impact on the Visitor profile lifetime, so if the value of visitor profile lifetime is set for 14 days for the  account then it would expire if the visitor doesn't come back to the website within 14 days. So would like to know what is the relevance of the setting mbox cookie duration to 2 years.

Thank you.





The user profile is stored up to 90 days. If the visitor comes back on the 91st day, the target id for the user would be the same, but we would consider the user as a new visitor. The cookie duration set to 2 years is arbitrary in that it doesn't impact the user profile. The duration is a standard seen in Experience Cloud cookies.