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Link to Recording Added! [ADOBE TARGET BASICS WEBINAR] 2/7/19, Introduction to Recommendations



CHECK OUT! The RECORDING of our latest

Adobe Target Basics webinar


Introduction to Recommendations

Date: Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Time: 8am - 9am PDT

Join Rob Hornick, Adobe Target Product Manager, for an in-depth exploration of how to leverage the value of Adobe Target Recommendations. Find out how this Adobe Target activity automatically displays products or content that might interest your customers by optimizing real-time suggestions based on previous visits. Further, dive into the Adobe Target UI for a step-by-step overview of how to build a Recommendations Activity. It's about knowing your customer in and out, just like a great friend.

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Rob Hornick, Adobe Target Product Manager

Rob Hornick is the Product Manager for Adobe Target Recommendations, based in San Francisco. Rob is energized by building tools to personalize digital experiences and by putting advances in machine learning into marketers hands. Prior to joining Adobe, Rob was a Manager with Accenture Digital where he helped marketers optimize their processes and technology.

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~~Mentioned during Today's Webinar~~

  • B2B Sales: Intel uses Target to recommend videos, whitepapers and blog posts to B2B prospects and driver downloads and help to existing customers. Learn More!
  • Travel: Der Touristik, a German travel booker, uses Target to recommend hotels and more to travelers. Learn More!
  • Retail: Grainger, a leading B2B retailer, uses Target to recommend top categories and products to return visitors in the browser and in their mobile app Learn More! 
  • Launch by Adobe is the next-generation Tag Management platform. Check out this guide for best practices and instructions on how to implement Adobe Target using Launch in a variety of web architectures.

Opportunities to Learn More at Adobe Summit 2019 – The Digital Experience Conference 

Visit summit.adobe.com for general info

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Level 3

Is there a recording to follow up for those who may have missed it?



Hi Anish! Thanks for reaching out The recording will be posted here in the coming days as it is made available (sometime within the next week).


Level 2

Hi Amelie, sorry if i've missed it, but have you already shared the link somewhere?



Level 2

Hi Amelie,

Could you please share the link for the recordings.

Thank you so much.


Level 2

Hi Amelia,

It's been great work you guys are doing, but my only concern with the recording is that it doesn't tell us how actually pass the data using Adobe Launch of a certain page to the recommendation, it would be a great help if you tell us the implementation of recommendation using Adobe Launch as well.


Level 1

Hi Amelia-

There are two things I have questions around recommendations. Firstly, I attended Adobe Summit 2019 and am wondering where I get access to the presentation and files for the session/labs I attended, one of them was on recommendations. Secondly, I am trying to create a recommended experience based on product category using a Google feed and cannot find proper documentation on how to do so. So far we have created a separate FEED in the recommendations part of the Test and Target platform, but I cannot find how to add it into the experience directly; therefore have tried creating new custom upload criteria using the google feed, but am having issues around that as well.

Can you please direct me to the proper documentation?