Adobe Target API JSON Offers Update



Hello Everyone,

I am trying to update a JSON offer from API as we want to update activity real-time based upon an event triggered from the web / App

I got a response from the API that it was updated and it was listed in the list of the offer if I do a GET curl with offset limit,

But it doesn`t show up in the Adobe Target real-time like others create/update CURL`s does.

Below are list of commands and responses :

curl -X PUT   "https://mc.adobe.io/xyz/target/offers/json/366296"   -H "authorization: Bearer xyz"   -H "cache-control: no-cache"   -H "content-type: application/vnd.adobe.target.v2+json"   -H "x-api-key: xyz"   -d '{

>      "name": "JSON Offer Update New",

>      "content": {"test": "test"}

>  }'

{"id":366296,"name":"JSON Offer Update New","content":{"test":"test"},"workspace":"59845385","modifiedAt":"2019-10-14T00:34:18Z"}

mac15767:~ curl -X GET   'https://mc.adobe.io/xyz/target/offers?limit=15'   -H 'authorization: Bearer xyz'   -H 'cache-control: no-cache'   -H 'Accept: application/vnd.adobe.target.v2+json'   -H 'x-api-key: xyz'

{"total":10,"offset":0,"limit":15,"offers":[{"id":366292,"name":"JSON Offer","type":"json","modifiedAt":"2019-10-11T05:21:17Z","workspace":"59845385"},{"id":366296,"name":"JSON Offer Update New","type":"json","modifiedAt":"2019-10-14T00:34:18Z","workspace":"59845385"},{"id":366281,"name":"My new offer","type":"content","modifiedAt":"2019-10-11T02:53:52Z","workspace":"59646764"},{"id":366286,"name":"Sample JSON Offer","type":"content","modifiedAt":"2019-10-11T04:39:53Z","workspace":"62244983"},{"id":366288,"name":"Sample JSON Offer","type":"json","modifiedAt":"2019-10-11T05:07:29Z","workspace":"59845385"},{"id":366293,"name":"Sample JSON Offer","type":"content","modifiedAt":"2019-10-11T05:27:38Z","workspace":"62244983"},{"id":366294,"name":"Sample JSON Offer 2","type":"content","modifiedAt":"2019-10-11T05:29:19Z","workspace":"62244983"},{"id":366295,"name":"Sample JSON Offer 2","type":"content","modifiedAt":"2019-10-11T05:30:43Z","workspace":"62244983"},{"id":366297,"name":"Sample JSON Offer 3","type":"content","modifiedAt":"2019-10-11T05:40:15Z","workspace":"62244983"},{"id":366298,"name":"Sample JSON Offer 4","type":"content","modifiedAt":"2019-10-11T05:42:05Z","workspace":"62244983"}]}:~

Please note I have changed some of the token values to Xyz for security reason

Any specific reason why this is happening?







Hi Eric ,

Thanks for the response ,

All i wanted to do was Update / Create JSON offer through API ..

Adobe says they dont support it but if you see my description above , API does get a response back and getAlloffer shows the offer which i have created but it doesn`t show up in UI

Any clue on how to get around this ?