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How do I find the ID of an Analytics segment?


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I am testing a marketing cloud segment (A4T) and running an mBoxTrace, I see I qualify for a segment, but I get the ID. How do I find this segment in Analytics or Target:

"evaluatedCampaignTargets": [


  "campaignId": 194017,

  "campaignName": "Homepage Remarket",

  "matchedSegmentIds": [



how do I know if this is the audience I am targeting or not.

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Hi there and thanks for your question! You may find the information toward the middle of this article,Troubleshooting Content Delivery, within the Adobe Target Product Documentation helpful. Feel free to reach out again if you have any follow up questions - hope this helps!


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Can we get a better answer to this? That doesn't explain how to interpret the trace. ID's returned to us mean nothing if we can't look those segments and targets up to understand.


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Absolutely agree here - it shouldn't take much to send both IDs and corresponding Segment names to make troubleshooting easier.

May be something to add in Ideas




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Amelia Waliany, dans7648698's response is the issue I was trying to get at… any ideas?


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This is not answered. The content on the linked pages doesn't specify. Realistically this information (the IDs) is useless if you can't reconcile it in the Adobe Target UI.


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Mloader​, dans7648698​, kieranc90754047

I was just dealing with this today and definitely understand your frustration. I've created a new feature request that you can vote on from here: https://forums.adobe.com/ideas/10566 the more votes an idea gets the more likely Product Management will push to have it implemented in a future release.

All of your points are valid. It is super frustrating to have the data right there in front of you but not be able to unlock it. Fortunately we do have a way to look this up on the back-end. However it woudl be so much more efficient if there was an easy way to translate id to friendly name directly from inside of Target.

I encourage you all to vote on the idea. Additionally if you need to we can find the segment friendly names for you via a support ticket.

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