Mbox.js throwing error in console and the personalisation is not applied on the website

deepthik84 27-02-2017


I am trying to personalise the content in my website using adobe target. I have created activities and experiences. The preview urls under the activities display as expected, however, the actual website does not reflect the personalisation setup in target. I have tried A/B testing and also experienced targeting. None of them work.

When i checked my console I found two mbox realted errors.

Uncaught TypeError: mbox.Ce is not a function
    at mbox.finalize (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:1666)
    at mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:1746
    at mboxList.each (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:816)
    at Pe (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:1745)
    at mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:1818
    at Array.qf (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:1945)
    at If (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:2232)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:2239)


Uncaught TypeError: re.Hc is not a function
    at mboxFactory.Cf (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:2098)
    at mboxFactory.sf (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:2118)
    at mboxFactory.uf (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:2036)
    at mboxFactory.create (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:2015)
    at Object.Bg (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:2625)
    at Object.Xg.TNT.createGlobalMbox (mbox-contents-81b7d9d…-staging.js:2778)
    at mbox.js:2847

Please find attached the mbox file I am using.

I have tried changing my marketing cloud target configuration to pick the mbox.js file from DTM too. That did not work either.

Need help. Please find attached the mbox.js that I have included in my page component.


ParitMittal 27-02-2017

Hi ,

These errors look like mbox.js is  only partially downloaded. Please  re-download the mbox.js and redeploy. However if the issue still persists then please share the personalization activity url as well as your Adobe target account credentials in private message so that we can debug the issue at our end.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

deepthik84 01-03-2017

Hi Parit,

I tried to apply target personlization on we-retail site to check if the mbox script issue is due to my website or because of mbox script.

In this process i created data element in dtm and passed its value as a globox mbox variable to adobe target.

However when i check the adobe debugger, only the static parameters are showing up, and the dynamic parameters that I set using % symbol do not show up.

I also created an event in DTM that has a sample java script to show the variable value in an alert box. As expected this alert shows up in we-retail site with the expected value, but when the same data element is used to pass dynamic values to a global mbox parameter the value in the debugger show blank.

I remember seeing the values in the debugger window a week ago, however they dont show up any more. I did not do any changes with respect to the dtm configuration since then.

Need help.

ParitMittal 02-03-2017

Hi Deepthi,

This seems to a timing issue i.e. The time at which Target Global Mbox Call is fired , The data Element is not getting initialized and is blank by default. Can you please let me know the type of Data Element you are using i.e. JS Object, Custome Code etc.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

arpitgupta26 12-03-2017

Hi Deepthi,


I also encountered almost the same error while I was integrating Target with AEM  , and there were few errors which were there on the page,

as we had few uninitialized json structure  placed before the targetted content , which was all together breaking the mbox.js.

Try loading the page in Firefox other than chrome and check the console .

Do try and get back  .



Arpit Gupta

deepthik84 12-03-2017

Hi Arpit,

I also see mbox related erros in chrome browser.

Firefox does not show any errors, but the personalization configured in Adobe target does not reflect on the site. This i believe is because DTM is not passing dynamic value of the data elements to adobe target as mbox global parameters

arpitgupta26 13-03-2017


Hope there is no restriction in the host that might be blocking the calls .

a ) You can change the setting from [Target -> Setup Tab -> Hosts on Left Rail -> Settings ] and remove the check from Authorized Hosts if present

b) Secondly , I believe you must have already added the code snippet also for Target which is  available here  [https://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-1/develop/personalization/target.html].

c) For better debugging of mbox call : can you check the mbox trace by adding the url with the below parameter


You can grab the authentication token from your marketing cloud by going to  [Target -> Setup Tab -> Implementation on Left Rail ]


Let me know if you are able to connect something here .