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Firefox tracking blocker affecting Target


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Anyone  else noticed the latest Firefox tracking blocker feature preventing Target from loading?

Our testers are finding they have to constantly disable the tracking blocker to see our tests which has me concerned, with now Safari launching their own tracker blocking features in the latest version

This article suggests Firefox is blocking the Adobe tracking hostname (omtrdc.net or 2o7.net)
Firefox tracking protection blocks all the major tracking vendors

Would be good to know if anyone else is facing this issue and possible 'workarounds'

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HI Richard,

I responded to what I think is related question today.

In summary, I think that v65 of Firefox (Jan 2019) will block by default Adobe Target (amongst a lot of other things).

I'm trying to find someone who can (hopefully!) disprove my conclusion or affirm it and then tell me what to do next.

Did you get any more info?



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@richardlee, BarryLennon​,

Mozilla has published this article (https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2018/08/30/changing-our-approach-to-anti-tracking/) about it back in Aug 30th 2018 they are now going to make the blocking on by default in private mode. This is really only an issue if you have a large subset of visitors browsing to your website in private mode.

I do share your point of view. From a marketers perspective this is a horrible decision as we can't track a portion of users. However if we think about it from the end user's point of view this is a great feature of the browser. Instead of deleting this cookie or loading up this don't track me cookie I I have to do as a user is to make sure I'm in private mode.

In reality there is no work around when the end user makes a decision to go incognito and have tracking disabled. We can't force the tracking back on.

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There's one correction I would like to make to what you've written:  Mozilla's blocking is already on by default in Private Mode; this has been the case for a long time in Firefox now.

The concern here, and I think it's borne out by this blog post from Mozilla (look for the comment "release it by default early 2019"), is that Mozilla is going to bring that setting out of Private Mode and into "normal" browsing mode.

Since that blocks, for example, Adobe DTM, this will mean that all Firefox users will effectively be Incognito for Adobe customers set up in that way.


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I was told the following by an Adobe Target resource:

“We are now allowing customers to CNAME their Target calls to a 1st party domain (like metrics.yoursite.com) which should avoid the known tracking server issues with these browsers.  This is in the process of being documented, but can be requested via Customer Care”.

- Rylan