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Adobe Target Geo Location - Radius


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Experience Targeting

Is there an easier way to call up a 100 mi radius around a city, lets say Littlerock, Arkansas, without making an audience filled with zips or city names etc...? I know that radius and geo is not 100% accurate but it would cover 90% of my needs for a project. Thank you!

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It depends on your perspective. There might be an easier way for you but it woudl require some additional work for somebody else. Unfortunately the real issue here is that there isn't a simple turnkey solution for this right out of the product. Here is another way I can envision this working is by doing the following:

1. Have a developer on your create a custom audience based on a profile script that looks for the specific values for the profile parameter: profile.geolocation.zip (Profile and variable glossary)

2. You would then just apply that audience.

I completely agree that this is a great idea to have as part of the product. To further facilitate this discussion I've submitted a feature reqeust for you here: Feature to extend audience +10, +20, +50, +100 miles of one Zip Code  please help it get some traction by voting and adding your comments to it. Much appreciated! Hope this helped you.

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Thank you. My problem stems around 50+ markets that need very minimal language changed per market. Since I can't call up an audience that I have saved as I see fit currently, I would have to create an individual experience for each market. It would be more straightforward to get target to pull the location using DMA or State in a script to make an if statement vs my current setup that required building out 50+ experiences.