Excluding visits from Analytics after A4T activity is deactivated

rajneesh_gautam 11-04-2018

Hi all, A4T based activities keep reporting data even after deactivation - this is because activity acts as a special eVar which as life-span of 90 days.

This requires Analytics teams to be aware of:

1. Whether a campaign has been deactivated

2. If yes, when was it deactivated

Above is not scalable if you want to report performance of multiple campaigns (a valid use-case is to generate a month end report of all Target based activities and corresponding orders)

Can anyone share how they have overcome this challenge in their Adobe Analytics setup? Could there be an exclusion segment that we can built to achieve this goal? Please share your views




russpainter 11-04-2018

The special variable has a classification report called "Active Dates"


You can create excluding segments for the end date. So nothing greater than whatever your end date is. Pretty handy and it is an epoch format so it is always easy to exclude. Hope this helps

rajneesh_gautam 11-04-2018

Thanks @russpainter  - however I dont see this classification in any of my accounts so can you share how it was activated please?



russpainter 11-04-2018

I didn't activate it. I think it comes out of the box once you have A4T. You can check your classification structure here

Admin > Report Suites > Select a report suite > Edit Settings > Conversion > Conversion Classifications >


once there you would select tnt


Active Dates appears

We then go into Workspace and see it here


We'd choose the one that says "(Analytics for Target)"

If you aren't seeing this structure you might want to reach out to CC.

rajneesh_gautam 12-04-2018

Thanks Russ for pointing me to this direction. I was under assumption that this Classification worked with legacy SitaCatalyst integration  (SC-TnT) - this is because I only see Active Dates as SC-TnT and not as Active Dates (Analytics for Target).

Let me chase CC for understanding where the issue is.

However, on my original query, can you please share an example of how you have created an Exclusion segment using end-date? Thanks,