Exclude visitors by location, when IP puts them in a non-excluded location

ericad-BNYMello 05-10-2018

Hi Community,

Perplexed and not sure how to swiftly and efficiently resolve situation.

XT activity running to EXCLUDE visitors to URL based on Country/Region; audience set up in Target. Depending on visitors IP information, someone located in an Excluded country is able to view the activity, e.g., team member in India's IP puts them in Switzerland due to VPN.

While this is an internal company visitor, we are concerned that our target audience in the Excluded region/countries will also be using corporate VPNs that will not properly identify their location, thus allowing them to enter the activity.

What options should we consider to exclude the visitors? The exclusion is put into place by our compliance team. We need to be as on point to exclude the visitors from the excluded region.





The most accurate approach is the one you are currently using. Unfortunately since there is no way to anticipate what IP/Country their VPN exit point will be you can not exclude/include based on that unknown information

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ericad-BNYMello 17-10-2018

Thanks, @Mikewebguy

We're trying to add our Demandbase integration into the mix, use country or other data to use in conjunction with IP to exclude regional users. Not implemented yet, working through move to Launch.