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Convert without seeing test page


Level 3

In Goals and Setting, my primary goal for an activity is viewed a page url =balabala. Just want to understand it clearly, if a visitor entered my a/b test and didn't convert the first time. He then went back to our site the next day, went to a page that has no test running, clicked a CTA on that page took him to the page url=balabala, will this count as a conversion in Target report or not? Thanks!

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Employee Advisor

Hi kathys75015221​,

No, It'll not count as a conversion in the report until visitor goes through the experience(i.e. activity URL page).

Suppose Experience A is a default page and Experience B is, changes in CTA on page XYZ. When a visitor comes and see default page and clicks on CTA and visits page blablabla it will be counted +1 conversion for Experience A. If a visitor comes and see Experience with changed CTA (i.e. Experience B) and clicks on CTA and visits a page blablabla it will be counted as +1 conversion for experience B.

Unless a visitor is not coming to page XYZ and then visiting the page blablabla, no report will be counted in your case.

Let me know if this helps you!


Gauresh Kodag.


Level 3

Thanks Gauresh. My question is actually does the conversion has to be in the same session as the user see the test?

so the user did come to page XYZ on day 1 and see the test. However, in another session, for example, the next day, user visited page ABC, click through to page blablabla then visited other pages, including page XYZ. Although he eventually did go to blablabla after entering this a/b test, it's not a direct conversion, will this be counted?


Employee Advisor

Not sure about "the conversion has to be in the same session as the user sees the test?"

But In such a case to be more accurate in getting the proper conversion report you can use the following method.

If you want to count blablabla page views only after Visiting page XYZ, then click on CTA and then visits on blablabla page, maybe following steps to set conversion metric would help you.

select conversion > clicked an element > select CTA present on a XYZ page


Add additional goal > Viewed a page > URL contains/URL is > blablabla


Then click on three vertical dots present in the rightmost corner

You will be able to see Advance settings, Select my primary goal (which is clicked an element) so that it will count visits only when you come to page XYZ and click CTA then visit blablabla


After setting this, your primary goal will be counted only when someone clicks on CTA present on a page XYZ.

And your secondary goal (i.e. viewed a page blablabla) will be counted only after the primary goal is completed (i.e some clicked and CTA)

which means you will get the count of blablabla page views only after the user clicks on CTA present on the page XYZ and then counted visit blablabla.

Let me know if this clears your doubt.


Gauresh kodag.


Level 3

Thank you Gauresh. That make sense. But we are using A4T so I don't think I can add additional goals. Our primary metric is page view. I just want to be clear about how Adobe count a conversion in an a/b test >.<