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AngularJS / Target - redirect before app loads


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Does anyone have any experience with implementing Adobe Target with an AngularJS. Specifically I am trying to achieve a URL redirect. I have the redirect working but the performance at the moment is poor in that Experience A loads fully, then the redirect happens, then Experience B loads. This is a poor experience for the user and I would prefer to correct it...

I've implemented at.js for Angular ngRoute following the instructions available at Angular ngRoute · Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/target-atjs-extensions Wiki · GitHub

As per the instructions I have "Include(d) at.js without the auto-created mbox"

I set up the the redirect using the "Redirect to URL" on Experience B in the VEC for target...

Any help very much appreciated!

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Hi stephenm63923385

As you are not using auto create mbox. You would require to create a custom mbox on the page.

Also create a form based redirect activity on custom mbox created on this page. I believe this should work as per your use case.

Plesae feel free to include any additional queries you have.

Hi tanvia21455990

Thanks for your response!

Can you explain (or point me in the direction of documentation) about how to "create a custom mbox on the page" ??

I realise this might seem a very basic question but I can't find the documentation... Do I need to add a html element to my page or is it done through JS??

I would really like to try your proposed solution.





Hi stephenm63923385,

You can use below script to create custom mbox

<div class="mboxDefault">



<script type="text/javascript">






Please try to create an mbox at the top of the page. Hope that works.