Delete Target Audiences?

harinis39162177 23-05-2018


I have created a few segments in Adobe Analytics and pushed it to Experience cloud so that I could use them as Audiences in Target.

But when I checked the Audiences under Target, I see multiple instances of these segments showing. One segment shows up 3 times, with same name.

In Analytics, there is just one segment.

I have deleted them from Audience Library, but still they are showing up in Target Audience.

Can anyone let me know how do I delete the multiple instances of audiences in target, so that only 1 segment is shown as audience?

Thank you.



Hi harinis39162177​ If you have deleted the audiences from the audience library it could take upto 24 hours before the audiences are removed from the Target UI . If the issue still exists after 24 hours, please submit a support ticket with customer care and we can investigate the same for you.