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Target Recommendations most viewed items


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I have a quick question on the Target Most viewed recommendations data.

  • Does Target uses its own scoring of data through mboxes to track most viewed items?
  • Or does Target uses Analytics underneath as the data source for algo's like most viewed and bought?

Reason, I am asking is because, the Analytics account may already have details on most viewed items, but if Target maintains its own scoring, then Target Recommendations of most viewed won't match to what Analytics report will show.

Can you point me to direction or documentation that specifies Targets data scoring for Most Viewed, Popular, bought etc. I looked at standard recommendations documentation, but couldn't find anything that would link that scoring to Analytics data.


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Hi ,

If you are using adobe analytics it will be determined by all of the metrics available in the product report.

If not it will be determined by mbox data.

Below document might help:

Creating Criteria



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Thanks for the info. I looked at the Creating criteria page, does the radio button of Behavioral data source define the data-source and scoring that Target will use to evaluate the criteria?

I see two options on the criteria page:

1. mboxes - considers mbox data for scoring?

2. Analytics - considers data already captured in analytics for scoring?

If above is true, then with the option-2 selected, ideally the most viewed result set from Target recommendations and Analytics Most viewed report should match, right?




Hi Runal.Trivedi ,

For Content delivery, Target would  use the criteria created in Target UI and develop its own data scoring for Most Viewed, Popular, bought etc

Through A4T only reporting is done through Analytics, however, recommendations are displayed as per the Target Criteria defined in Target


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Thanks. But my question was more on the criteria and what data scoring metrics the criteria uses before it returns the results as part of recommendations. Does Target maintain its own data scoring, or does it uses the data scoring as capture in Adobe Analytics?