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Adobe Target deleted/lost experience modifications when saving 41st audience


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We created an activity and made modifications via the visual designer for each of our current 35 audiences that had 8 modifications each. All was well for about 3 weeks, but last week I went to add some more experiences to it, six to be exact, and all but one experience, the last one saved, had their modifications wiped. My QA notified me about 30-60 min after the last save where everything looked fine that he was not seeing the personalized experiences. That is when I became aware of the disappearance. Any ideas about what could have happened? Is there any way to implement backups for Target?? Thanks, everyone.

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Can you confirm if the updates were synced to Target correctly, OR were there any errors showing the sync failures?

Also, the custom code/modifications cannot be retrieved form the Target UI.

Also, please ensure to click on save on the modifications tab before you save the activity.




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No sync failures that I am aware of. All the modifications were loaded in and the first pass of QA in a live environment was performed by myself. When I handed off testing to my QA within an hour he reported something was wrong.

Is there a reason there isn't a way to retrieve custom modifications? Is there a better way to go about that? I was considering using offers but I don't believe I can personalize the offers unless I use dynamic content correct?



I believe one of the main reasons that Target does not store copies of saved versions of an activity is a storage space issue.  Saving copies would require an exponential increase in storage available for Target data. You might want to look into making this a feature request/idea here in our forums here: Target - Ideas

Our Product Management and Engineering teams use suggestions from our Ideas forum when road mapping features included in future releases.  The more people are interested in a feature here, the higher priority it is given by our Development teams.