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Adobe Target content delivery is disabled


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I created 2 pages

Case 1: uses at.js

A/B Testing

Case 2 :(uses mbox.js)

Target by State 

Target works fine on Case 2 but not 1. For #1 i see console error

[page-init] Adobe Target content delivery is disabled. Ensure that you can save cookies to your current domain, there is no "mboxDisable" cookie and there is no "mboxDisable" parameter in query string.

What am i missing?



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rams40798621​Can you please confirm the version of at.js you are using?

Also, can you confim if Target(mbox) cookies are getting successfullt stored on your site?




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I am having the same issue while I found that Target(mbox) cookies are not getting successfully stored on my site while I am not pretty sure what to do to have it stored. Would you mind share a bit more of it?



Hi rams40798621​,

Are you using an Adblocker? Could you try disabling it and try loading the page? Let me know if you still see the issue without Adblock enabled. Please also see Ad Blocking and Target  for reference.

Have you set up the test on Case1 to redirect to the link: Google​?

Also, I notice that you have referenced at.js twice on the page (line 17 and line 820)- please note that you only need to reference at.js once on the page.

Hope this helps!