Activity is not getting publish in Adobe's Delivery network

rajarajanr71853 29-01-2016


Every time i create and publish an activity in Target, i am getting this error "Your updates did not publish to Adobe's delivery network".

Can anybody please help ?

Thank you.


gokula 02-08-2019

Hey @rizwanuli19780461

Last week only I've experienced the same issue and tried below solutions. You can check if anything works for you.

before came to these solutions -  I searched a lot on Google, in Adobe forums, Adobe target documentation but not seen any fruitful solution and even not understand why it's occurring. If someone can tell us the root cause then that really appreciated 


1) check if there is any syntax error in code.

2) Try to clear the cache cookies from the browser


rajarajanr71853199 & rizwanuli19780461,

If you are still having issues please send in an email to support clientcare@adobe.com with the specific activity name so that we can look into this further.

Mihnea Docea | Technical Support Consultant | Customer Experience | Adobe | (:: 1 (800) 497-0335

karand53490614 20-08-2019

rajarajanr71853199​ Can you please confirm if the activity is associated with any Workspace, Or are you creating it on the Default Workspace?

If you are using a custom code, you may check for any syntax errors in the custom code.



skandg43264764 27-08-2019

Hi rajarajanr71853199 ,

Sometimes this error occurs because of audience, so you can try by removing the audience and the see if you are able to publish the activity.

You can also try removing the custom code, if there is any and then check if you are able to publish the activity.

Let us know if this helps in finding the cause of the problem.