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Hello Team,

Welcome to the Adobe Target Community Mentorship program! This is the featured Community Discussion thread for your Adobe Target Community Mentor, Abhilash Sape (aka @abhilashsape), who will be here to guide and support you and your peers with your Adobe Target questions as you prepare for the Adobe Target Business Practitioner Professional Certification (Exam ID: AD0-E408)through to the end of the program. 

A little bit about your Adobe Target Community Mentor, Abhilash Sape:

Screen Shot 2023-06-30 at 8.51.06 AM.png


I am thrilled to introduce myself as an experienced Adobe Target Architect with a deep passion for optimizing customer experiences and driving results. With a solid background in Adobe Target, I have been actively working in this field since 2015, and I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise as a mentor in the Adobe Target Mentorship Program. 

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of collaborating with diverse organizations across various industries, helping them leverage the power of Adobe Target to maximize their digital marketing efforts. My focus has always been on understanding client needs, strategizing effective targeting and personalization solutions, and delivering measurable business outcomes. I am thrilled to embark on this mentorship journey and contribute to the success of talented individuals who are passionate about Adobe Target. 


Aspirants mapped to Mentor Abhilash (aka @abhilashsape) :

How to participate 

  1. Aspirants’ goal is to clear their Adobe Target Certification during program live June 28th, 2023 – August 7th, 2023 (Exam scheduling window: July 5th - July 10th)
  2. Aspirants: Post your Questions in this thread to connect with Mentor Abhilash (aka @abhilashsape), and your fellow Aspirant peers.  *You are all preparing for the same Certification, so feel free to use this space to share what you’re learning and collaborate! 
  3. Mentors with the most Certified Aspirants by the end of the program will be recognized, and Aspirants with the highest number of Accepted Solutions in the Target Community, along with their Certification, will be recognized by the end of program - wishing you all the best!

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Level 2

Thank you @Amelia_Waliany


Hello Aspirants, 
(Sakshi Rawal, @Mandhir_Bhatia ,@AnilGoli@prashanthdp@JananiiP, @Sura30, Paila Hemanth, @varuns4845401) 

Nice to meet all of you. Let this thread be a start to your journey of getting certified. We'll go one module per week. Please go through the first module and let me know if you have any questions.

Technical Parts of applications are depicted in Videos, you can learn more about them from experience League. You can visit Get prep page to understand the contents and anticipate the learning journey.

1. This module contains 6 sections.

Section 1.1 and 1.2 contain generic information about Target solution. What and where to use. Check you job role to understand more about the application.

Sections 1.3 and 1.4 are building blocks to understand Target. Section 1.3 contain information about profiles and Section1.4 is Welcome kit designed chapter wise to give holistic view. Spend good time in section 1.4 to lay strong foundations.

Sections 1.5 talks success metrics application in target Solution and Section 1.6 will brief abut categories about audiences.

1.1 Adobe Target Business Practitioner Guide

This would point you to useful links in this guide, arranged by intended audience based on typical job functions:

1.2 Adobe Target Documentation

Adobe Target helps you to provide customers with the best tailored experiences through testing, optimization, and personalization. This section gives overview of documentation in terms of guides and tutorials. Checkout the following guides for more details

Learn how to tailor and personalize your customers’ experience to maximize revenue on your web and mobile sites, apps, social media, and other digital channels.

Personalize your customers’ experience to maximize revenue on your web and mobile sites, apps, social media, and other digital channels.

This portal provides implementation resources for Target developers, including API and SDK documentation.

Checkout more tutorial here

1.3 Visitor Profiles

Visitor profiles in Adobe Target contain information about how your visitors use your pages and other optimized content locations. If Target is used with other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, such as Adobe Analytics, Experience Cloud Audiences shares visitor information across solutions.

By default, Target profile information is stored in a single first-party cookie. The configuration can easily be changed to serve third-party cookies as well.

Study Each section to get more details:

  • Visitor profile lifetime : By default, a visitor profile in Adobe Target expires after 14 days of inactivity for that visitor. This profile lifetime can be extended. Checkout the glossary for more details
  • Profile attributes: Profile attributes in Adobe Target are parameters that are specific to a visitor. These attributes are stored in the visitor’s profile to provide information about the visitor that can be used in your activities. Checkout the Training Video for more information.
  • Category affinity: The category affinity feature in Adobe Target automatically captures the categories on your site that a user visits and then calculates the user’s affinity for each category so it can be targeted and segmented on. Category affinity helps to ensure that content is targeted to visitors who are most likely to act on that information. Checkout the Training Video for more information.
  • Customer attributes: Customer attributes let you upload visitor profile data via FTP to the Adobe Experience Cloud. Once uploaded, use the data in Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. Target Standard customers can apply five attributes, Target Premium customers can apply 200 attributes.



            Checkout the page to find more about the workflow.

1.4 Adobe Target welcome kit

This welcome kit contains the following chapters. Take overview of each chapter and use keywords to find unanswered questions to develop application understanding.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Adobe Target at a glance

Chapter 3: Develop your testing an personalization ideas

Chapter 4: Tips for using Target

Chapter 5: Inspiration for testing and personalization activities

Chapter 6: Easily avoidable pitfalls

Chapter 7: Create and run your first Target activity

Chapter 8: Communicate your activity results

Chapter 9: Next steps and resources

1.5 Success Metrics

In Adobe Target success metrics are parameters used to measure the success of an activity. Success metrics include key business measures that enable you to determine the success of a given experience or offer in a Target activity. Checkout the page to understand more about success metrics Revenue, page views, custom scoring, Conversion, Time on site. This video shows you how to use activity metrics.

1.6 Categories for audiences

You can target on any of several category attributes using Adobe Target. To create targeting rules (or groups) for each attribute, drag and drop the desired attributes into the Audience Builder pane. Check this page to understand more about it.

Abhi Sape 



Level 2

Hello Aspirants, 
(Sakshi Rawal, @Mandhir_Bhatia ,@AnilGoli@prashanthdp@JananiiP, @Sura30, Paila Hemanth, @varuns4845401) 

Please fill this form to avail the certification voucher  -https://forms.office.com/r/qXzhFAUuAs

Abhi Sape


Level 2

Hello Aspirants, 
(Sakshi Rawal, @Mandhir_Bhatia ,@AnilGoli@prashanthdp@JananiiP, @Sura30, Paila Hemanth, @varuns4845401) 

Also, Do not forget to schedule your exam on Examity

Please go through Module 2, and feel free to reach out with any questions that you have here or through email. 


2.1 Visual Experience Composer (VEC)

The VEC is a WYSIWYG user interface that lets you easily create and test personalized experiences and offers in the site context. You can create experiences and offers for Target activities by dragging and dropping, swapping, and modifying the layout and content of a web page (or offer) or mobile web page. Watch out 2 composer videos to learn more about VEC.

2.2 A/B Test overview

 Multivariate Testing (MVT) in Adobe Target compares combinations of offers in elements on a page to determine which combination performs the best for a specific audience, and identifies which element most impacts the activity’s success. Check this page to understand more about A/B testing activities. Checkout the video to understand the step wise application.

2.3 Create an Experience Targeting activity

Use the Visual Experience Composer (VEC) to create an Experience Targeting (XT) activity on a Target-enabled page and to modify portions of the page within Adobe Target. Check the details I page.

2.4 Create audiences

Audiences in Adobe Target determine who sees content and experiences in a targeted activity.

Audiences are used anywhere targeting is available. When targeting an activity, you have the following options:

Checkout the video for more information.

2.5 Activity QA

Check the page to Use QA URLs in Adobe Target to perform easy end-to-end activity QA with preview links that never change, optional audience targeting, and QA reporting that stays segmented from live activity data.

2.6 Recommendations

Adobe Target Recommendations activities automatically display products, services, or content that might interest your visitors based on previous user activity, preferences, or other criteria. Target Recommendations helps direct visitor to relevant items they might otherwise not know about. Recommendations lets you provide your visitors with relevant content at the right time and in the right place. Visit the page to understand more.


Don’t forget to apply the knowledge by answering the questions in community. Spread the knowledge. Use the practice Exam to understand the pattern and kind of questions.


Level 2

Hello Aspirants, 

(Sakshi Rawal, @Mandhir_Bhatia ,@AnilGoli@prashanthdp@JananiiP, @Sura30, Paila Hemanth, @varuns4845401) 

Please go through Module 3 which is analyzing and Reporting and feel free to reach out via email or here for any questions. Feel free to schedule any time needed.  

 Analyzing and reporting Hope Module 1 familiarized you with blocks of Target and gave overview of Target application and Module 2 practice have developed your working understanding of Adobe Target. Hope you have scheduled the exam. In case you have not, please go ahead to schedule on Examity to get the best of Mentorship Program. This toolkit is designed for Professional Exam Aspirants. There is total 4 Modules and we in module 3. Study Each module per week to stick to schedule. Technical Parts of applications are depicted in Videos, you can learn more about them from experience League. You can visit Get prep page to understand the contents and anticipate the learning journey. You can always refer the Welcome Kit to build your basic understanding about Target. This is Professional Exam, Business Practitioner toolkit Module 3. This module contains 1 sections. Report settings Information to help you set the elements you want to appear in your report in Adobe Target. Report settings can be saved for later use. You can save up to ten different presets of an individual activity’s report after configuring it as desired (metrics, date ranges, audiences, advanced settings, and so forth). All Target users can display, edit, and delete the various presets, regardless of who created them. You can also configure an individual activity’s report as desired and then save that configuration as your default/favorite preset. Check out about presents here. Checkout the reports, refresh, and download page to build your complete understanding of Target reports.



Hi @abhilashsape

SakshiRawal, @Mandhir_Bhatia ,@AnilGoli@prashanthdp@JananiiP, @Sura30, Paila Hemanth, @varuns4845401


Extending the Voucher timelines by 2 more days. open till 12th July.