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The Latest Game-Changer in Personalization: Real-Time CDP Profile Attributes with Adobe Target



In the world of digital marketing, personalization has emerged as a powerful tool to engage customers and drive sales. The need to create relevant and targeted content has increased with the rise of sophisticated consumers who demand personalized experiences. Adobe emerged as a leader in this space with its Experience Cloud and Experience Platform, which offers a host of tools to help marketers create and deliver personalized content at scale. The recent addition of Real-Time CDP Profile Attributes sharing with Adobe Target (now generally available) for HTML Offers and JSON Offers promises to transform personalization by enhancing the speed and accuracy of data to create personalized experiences.


Real-Time CDP Profile Attributes allow the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)/Unified Profile to share attribute values with Target for real-time personalization within HTML and JSON offers. This feature means that marketers can display the value of the Experience Platform attribute in an offer using token replace. This integration of data sources means that businesses can create a more accurate customer experience, taking into account historical activity data, web behavior data, and real-time events. By combining these data streams, marketers can create more contextually relevant and personalized experiences that increase engagement, loyalty, and ultimately sales.


This feature also allows marketers to assign default values for Real-Time CDP Profile Attributes if an attribute is unavailable due to governance or consent policies. This feature ensures that personalization can still be delivered, even when certain data is inaccessible. This capability to handle data governance and consent policies also helps businesses comply with data protection regulations.

Example Use Case: Airline Loyalty Seat Sale Offer


An airline has been using a generic offer for its loyalty program members, which includes a basic set of benefits such as 25% off destinations in the USA and extra discounts for frequent flyers using points. The airline wants to improve its customer experience and loyalty by creating a more personalized offer that takes into account each member's travel search history, preferences, and loyalty status.


Generic Loyalty Member OfferGeneric Loyalty Member Offer

Generic Loyalty Member Offer


The airline has decided to leverage its customer data to provide a more personalized offer to its loyalty program members to achieve this goal. The new offer will be tailored to each member's specific needs and preferences based on their travel search history, loyalty status, and rewards point balance. For example, a frequent flyer who has recently searched for flights to New York City will receive an offer that includes discounted fares to NYC. In contrast, a member with a higher tier status will receive a more exclusive offer with additional discounts for booking with their loyalty points, and their current loyalty points total will display in the offer.



Personalized Loyalty Member Offer using Real-Time CDP attributes

Shared with Adobe Target for use within HTML and JSON offers.


To implement this personalized offer, the airline will use its Adobe Real-Time CDP system to capture and analyze each member's travel search history and preferences. The Real-Time CDP system will also track the member's loyalty status and rewards points balance, which will be used to tailor the offer. Using the new Adobe Target Sharing feature, the airline can display the attribute values in an Adobe Target offer using token replace. Example attributes in this scenario would be profile.lastOriginSearched, loyalty.status, and loyalty.pointsTotal. The personalized offer will be communicated to each member via a pop-up on the airline's website. You can find more information in the Experience League documentation here.


The airline can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a more personalized offer to its loyalty program members while increasing revenue and profitability. Members are more likely to engage with the airline's loyalty program and book flights when they feel they are receiving exclusive benefits and offers tailored to their needs and preferences. Additionally, the airline can use the Adobe Real-Time CDP system data to further optimize its loyalty program and marketing strategies by analyzing member behavior and preferences over time.


In conclusion, the Real-Time CDP Profile Attributes feature is a significant development in personalization, making it faster and easier to create relevant, targeted content. This technology promises to revolutionize how businesses approach personalization, creating a more accurate, comprehensive, and actionable customer profile. The ability to work with governance and consent policies reinforces the importance of data privacy and protection in the digital age. This feature of sharing Real-Time CDP Profile Attributes with Adobe Target for use within offers has enormous potential to increase brand loyalty and engagement and drive ROI for businesses in every industry.


Matthew Ravlich, a distinguished expert in Adobe Experience Cloud and Platform, serves as the Managing Director of ACG. For all your inquiries and consultations, reach out to Matthew through his official website.